what going on?


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  • MachoFebruary 12, 2017Reply


  • kyahMay 5, 2017Reply

    it is a great movie this is the only site that allows this movie to play

  • mariusMay 8, 2017Reply

    hi can I download a movie

  • PotatoChipsMay 9, 2017Reply

    Yow The Movie Takes Forever To Load :^(

  • AzanMay 15, 2017Reply

    this movie has taken my whole life for loading:(

  • AzanMay 15, 2017Reply

    what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!
    why isn’t it loading huh???
    This is the only freaking website which shows the movie,otherwise i wouldn’t have opened it ever…

    • kellyMay 29, 2017Reply

      i don’t know why its not loading or working for you guys but it work smoothly for me the movie was really good it was fantastic 😀

  • HarmonyMay 16, 2017Reply

    I could not even watch the movie I am nine years old and yes I have an tablet and yes I am supposed to be in third grade but I’m in fourth grade back to the point I can’t make an account because it said card number and it would not go without a card number and I don’t have a card number!! I don’t even have a card!!I think this website is #$@%!!!!!!!???????????????

    • TealGirlProGamerMay 27, 2017Reply

      you dont need to put your card number just sign in or login and cross that out and play your movie…im 11 so i also dont have

  • HarmonyMay 16, 2017Reply

    At the end I said nuts

  • BrianaMay 18, 2017Reply

    I loved it, and I’m 21 and watched it without no kiddos lol

  • MADDIEMay 18, 2017Reply

    it let me watch it with no trouble

  • kylianMay 22, 2017Reply

    y card number

  • penusMay 22, 2017Reply

    this is a terrible fucking movie and hope everyone involved in it either rethinks their entire career or dies.

  • LunaMay 23, 2017Reply

    this is a lovely movie and only place i can watch sing with no problems! :3

  • Kaye-LeiMay 29, 2017Reply

    great moive

  • da bossMay 29, 2017Reply

    It works! Fuck yeah!.

  • Razor++++++June 17, 2017Reply

    Awesome…People bump up your internet connection with bandwidth., This one is 1080P Version.

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