what going on?


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  • DavidApril 5, 2017Reply

    I haven’t cried like that in a longtime

  • Ruchi PathaniaApril 16, 2017Reply

    i cried … i dont is true or not … But now its make me feel .. i have a dog and he have taken lots of effort to get me

  • DhirenApril 25, 2017Reply

    Dog lovers,this is the movie for you guys….absolutely loved the movie and i hope you guys enjoy it too..

  • MarkApril 26, 2017Reply

    What a beautiful movie. I had an english spaniel called Buddy who I lost a couple of months ago who was with me for 15 years and I miss my little guy terribly and it would a godsend if he came back to me re-incarnated like in the movie, as my Buddy was the best mate that anyone could have ask for and a beautiful boy allround.

  • vinceApril 29, 2017Reply

    paws and all of you dog communities get ready for donations dam good movie!!! $$$

  • Kiran MathewApril 30, 2017Reply

    Its really surprising how dogs get so linked with humans, how they read our minds. After watching the movie I just rushed home to see my dogs. I truly wish they could speak – to know what they want to talk.

  • nabinMay 9, 2017Reply

    its really a good movie . i have cried so many time in this move

  • MEGGLANAMay 10, 2017Reply


  • MEGGLANAMay 10, 2017Reply


  • KanaMay 10, 2017Reply

    OMG!Amazing story….love it so much..!

  • Damy&DinoMay 12, 2017Reply

    Gonna check it right now. Will let u lads know my perspective/opinion/experience. ;D

  • Coco The CorgiMay 15, 2017Reply

    really hope they’re making a second movie ❤

  • LiliMay 15, 2017Reply

    I loved it its so heart warming. This is amazing! It has true meaning

  • ganMay 16, 2017Reply


  • MariaMay 17, 2017Reply

    this so sad it made me cry i love it

  • Lil dickyMay 17, 2017Reply


  • MichaelMay 20, 2017Reply

    I lost my dog last year and I recently got a puppy it make me wonder

  • cyndieMay 21, 2017Reply

    I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!!! i have never cried so many times!! the most beautiful movie ever!!!:)

  • RasasaMay 23, 2017Reply


  • KateMay 24, 2017Reply

    I cried so hard… I was ok until they had to put Bailey down because when they said something about how the pain would go away those were the exact words they used for my cat and I started to sob. It was an amazing movie and I am so happy that it was made.

  • NCMay 27, 2017Reply

    I loved it. I cried at the death of Ellie and the ending <3 MUST WATCH

  • tibaMay 28, 2017Reply

    i so love dis movie and i wish i cud get a dog like bailey and i wish i cud get bck my first dog #loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • RichMay 30, 2017Reply

    Super predicatable but was a great movie and tear jerker.

  • claya mcintyreJune 1, 2017Reply

    its a good movie and a sad one too. i love it.

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